Outd Log FAQ

How to delete a Log entry?

A long tab an the QSO in the QSO list deletes that entry.

How to enter a summit fast?

Enter the others location without slash or dash, just with spaces. It will format automatically.

Example: A input of “hb zh 004” converts to “HB/ZH-004”

Call is in lower or mixed case, How to fix it?

To get a proper formatting you might leave the field with Done/Next/Enter or just a tob to another field.

How to transfer spot information to QSO?

Do a long press on the spot you want to use for the next QSO and hit the qso button.

How to edit a QSO?

Just tab the QSO in the list. It’s saved with the current set location and call but time and date stay the same.

How to clear all qso entry fields?

Tab the headline of the QSO list.