Outd Log – The Outdoor HAM Logging

Outd Log ist specialized mobile Logging Software for HAM activities outdoors. 

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Current Features:

  • Log QSOs
  • View Spots (SOTA, GMA, Combined)
  • Spot your self and some on else
  • Load ‘names.csv’ for Help with logging
  • Export Log to V2 Sota CSV (Works with GMA and SOTA)
  • Export Log to ADIF
  • Fast entry of summit references (type ‘hb zh 005’ to get ‘HB/ZH-005’)
  • Works with SOTA, GMA, WWFF, IOTA 
  • QSO info from Spotlist
  • Edit existing log

Upcoming Features:

  • Location management
  • Defaults values for RST, Mode
  • tbd …

Please let me know what Features you are waiting for.

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