Outd Log – The Outdoor HAM Logging

Outd Log ist specialized mobile Logging Software for HAM activities outdoors. 

Current Features:

  • Log QSOs
  • View Spots (SOTA, GMA, Combined)
  • Spot your self and some on else
  • Load ‘names.csv’ for Help with logging
  • Export Log to V2 Sota CSV (Works with GMA and SOTA)
  • Export Log to ADIF
  • Fast entry of summit references (type ‘hb zh 005’ to get ‘HB/ZH-005’)
  • Works with SOTA, GMA, WWFF, IOTA 
  • QSO info from Spotlist
  • Edit existing log
  • Landscape support

Upcoming Features:

  • Location management
  • Defaults values for RST, Mode
  • Optimized Landscape view to take advantage of the space
  • tbd …

Please let me know what Features you are waiting for.

  • Main Screen
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6 thoughts on “Outd Log – The Outdoor HAM Logging

  1. Looks good so far. The ability to run in landscape mode would give is something that VK Portalog doesn’t have. That would give operators more flexibility in positioning their device on their flight deck. Also, it is not really necessary to be able to see so many contacts in the log; the last two contacts would be adequate in my opinion, so a way to collapse and open the log list would be nice as well (and would make the switch to landscape mode easier).

    1. Thank you Matthew, I have added a screenshot and some words regarding landscape.

  2. Agree that landscape view would be great! Plus can you log in UTC (time & date) rather than local? Having both Apple and Google/Android versions is excellent!

    1. Hi Richard, nice to hear you using the app.
      The log is already made in UTC, if you have trouble please check your date time settings at system level.
      vy 73 Thomas

  3. There is no way to save the file directly to your device? As it is, I have to share it to Dropbox, download it, and then upload it. It would be great if it could just be saved directly to the device.

    1. The possibility to save locally depends on the platform.
      On iOS it is possible to do that out of the box.
      On Android things are a bit more complex cause it depends on the OS version and installed App’s.

      Hope that helps.

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