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XBMC is coming back

A few years ago there was a XBMC installation in my bed room but when I moved first time I never managed it to set it up again.

Now a few years later when I came across raspberry pi my first thought was “Is XBMC running on this” and yes it does! Now XBMC has a come back in my bed room …

Here is a link to the simple installation of XBMC@raspberry pi

Stay tuned for more news on this project and for the upcoming posts of the old project.

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Purpose of this Blog …

This Blog is about my several interests for example:

  • Trains
  • Programming (C#, PHP)
  • Languages (Japanese, French, Esperanto)
  • Sports
  • 3D Printing
  • Apple (MacOS, iOS)
  • to be continued …

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