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Bootie Mashup Bookmaklet

Bootie mashup has been forced to remove there player cause yahoo ended the life of there web player.
That caused a disappointment on my site.
Now after a while disappointment I decided to implement a bookmarklet to have a html5 player on the page.
Drop the bookmarklet below into your bookmarks am and click it while viewing

Bootie Blog Player

FAQ about bookmarklets

Have Fun

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Amazon EC2 Instance scheduled for retirement

Wenn man von Amazon ein E-Mail bekommt das eine der Instanzen “retired” wird, was so viel heisst wie, sie wird in den Ruhestand geschickt.

Sollte einen nicht beunruhigen, da nur die darunter laufende Hardware in Ruhestand geht und amazon keine live Migration unterstützt. Also muss man nur drei schritte ausführen:

  • Instance stoppen
  • Instance starten
  • Elastic-IP wieder “verlinken”

Das war’s, wer eine bebilderte Anleitung braucht findet hier eine englische.

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XBMC is coming back

A few years ago there was a XBMC installation in my bed room but when I moved first time I never managed it to set it up again.

Now a few years later when I came across raspberry pi my first thought was “Is XBMC running on this” and yes it does! Now XBMC has a come back in my bed room …

Here is a link to the simple installation of XBMC@raspberry pi

Stay tuned for more news on this project and for the upcoming posts of the old project.